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C/C++ Users Journal (CUJ) Links

Herb has been an active contributor to C/C++ Users Journal since 1999, and currently serves as half of the CUJ editorial board (with Dan Saks) which means he's reviewing and editing many of the articles you end up reading in the magazine. Herb also writes three columns for CUJ -- one of them in the print magazine (Conversations), and two of them online as web columns (Sutter's Mill, and The New C++), further described below.

Here are some useful links related to the magazine:

C/C++ Users Journal website, the magazine's official home on the web. Among other good information, the CUJ print magazine publishes Herb's "Conversations" column.

C++ Experts Forum, free online articles every month from many of the top C++ authors, including Herb's "Sutter's Mill" and "The New C++" columns.

Want to know what's coming up in CUJ? Subscribe to Herb's mailing list to be among the first to get sneak previews of upcoming articles by Herb in this and other magazines and websites. See also the links at the top and left of this page for links to online versions of the same articles published in CUJ, freely available right here at GotW.ca! Print articles typically appear online here two or three months after the print issue date.


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