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Other C++ Community Links

Herb has a long history of independent involvement in the global C++ community. In addition to the links available on the other pages (to get to them, hit the "Up", "Prev", or "Next" icons at top right), here are some additional links to community resources that you may find useful. These links were selected for their relevance to software development in the standard C++ language on all compilers and platforms.

The comp.lang.c++.moderated newsgroup, of which Herb has been a moderator since its inception in 1995, is the principal public newsgroup for discussion abut using the standard C++ language. See the linked page for further links, including the FAQ, links to many community libraries, the moderation policy, and much more.

Boost.org is the home of freely available C++ libraries that you can use today, and many of which may form parts of the coming C++0x standard library.

C/C++ Users Journal Experts Forum contains free online articles every month from many of the top C++ authors, including Herb's "Conversations" and "The New C++" columns.

Where to find free C++ standard library implementations and/or free online C++ standard library documentation:

SGI STL and STLport are freely available implementations of the C++ standard library. They also include useful extensions like slist and hash-based containers; some of these extensions are liable to be standardized, though not necessarily in the form they appear in these libraries. These sites are also good places to find free on-line documentation for their implementations that you might find useful, and they're more readable than the Standard.

For help interpreting STL-related compiler error messages, see Scott Meyers' Effective STL and Leor Zolman's STLFilt error message filter.

STLSoft provides freely available STL-like extensions, including STL-style wrappers for common operating system and framework APIs (such as Windows, Unix, COM, MFC, ATL).

Where to find other authors and their articles:

Scott Meyers' website, which contains online versions of many of his articles and information about Scott's Effective books.

Andrei Alexandrescu's website, with information about Andrei's important book Modern C++ Design.

Steve Dewhurst's website, especially the "Once, Weakly" link with excerpts from Steve's C++ Gotchas book.

Of course, see also the links at the top and left of this page for links to lots of the most up-to-date cutting-edge information about C++ software development on all platforms, especially Guru of the Week and online versions of Herb's many other articles, available right here at GotW.ca!

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