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November 3
: PDC'09: Tutorial & Panel
October 26: Hoare on Testing
October 23
: Deprecating export Considered for ISO C++0x

This site maintains several pages of links to points of interest in the global C++ community. Herb is involved with most of them in some way.

ISO/ANSI C++ Standards Committee

Information about what Herb's doing at those silly meetings anyway, plus links to the committee home page, language and standard library issues lists, newsgroups, FAQs, and more.

C/C++ Users Journal (CUJ)

Links to the CUJ website and an overview of what Herb's responsible for at that magazine.

C++ Community Resources

Stuff in the community that you should know about if you're doing anything with production C++ software development today. Really.

Microsoft-Related Info

What's up with that? Click to find out.

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